Computational methods and applications (AMS 147)

Instructor: Prof. Daniele Venturi (venturi AT

Teaching Assistants: George Labaria (glabaria AT, Yuanran Zhu (yzhu22 AT

Main Lectures: MWF 12:00-1:05PM,  Thimann lecture hall 1

Computer Sessions

1) Monday (with G. Labaria), 7:10PM - 8:45PM, Thimann lecture hall 1
2) Wednesday (with Prof. Venturi), 7:10PM - 8:45PM, Thimann lecture hall 1

Office Hours 

 Prof. Venturi: Wed 1:30-3:30PM, room 353B (Baskin 1),
 George Labaria:  Tue 11AM-12PM, room 312 C/D (Baskin 1); Thu 4-5PM, room 119 (Baskin 1)
 Yuanran Zhu:  Wed 4-6PM, room 312 C/D (Baskin 1)

CANVAS COURSE WEBPAGE: Click HERE and follow the instrcutions

Midterm: Feb 17th, 12:00-1:05PM, Thimann lecture hall 1

Final: March 22nd, 12:00–3:00PM, Thimann lecture hall 1

Purpose of the course: To introduce basic computational methods and algorithms for solving mathematical problems that arise in different areas of science and engineering. The emphasis will be on the analysis and implementation of numerical algorithms using MATLAB or OCTAVE.    

Course content: MATLAB basics, solution to nonlinear algebraic equations, approximation of functions and data, numerical differentiation and integration, solution methods for linear systems, numerical methods for ordinary differential equations

Assessment: 50% homework assignments, 25% midterm (in class), 25% final (in class). Final grades may be subject to adjustments based on non-mandatory research projects, or final scientific colloquium with the instructor.

Textbook: A. Quarteroni, F. Salieri and P. Gervasio,  ``Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave''.